Ridgewood Energy’s team is comprised of industry professionals, geoscientists, and engineers with extensive experience in offshore exploration and production operations in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Our seasoned team includes industry-rich expertise from leading oil and gas companies to examine opportunities in depth.

  • Robert Swanson

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Kenny Lang


  • Niloy Shah

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Spencer Howe

    Executive Vice President - Exploration

  • Matthew Swanson

    Senior Managing Director

  • Managing Director

  • Kathleen McSherry

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Yan Quist

    Senior Geophysicist

  • Bob Klein

    Senior Geologist

  • Wayne Sutton

    Operations Engineering Manager

  • W. Kent Webb

    Engineering Manager

  • Mark Pearce

    Reservoir Engineering Manager

  • Daniel Gulino

    Senior Vice President - Legal

  • Chad Knips

    Senior Vice President - Business Development

  • Jeff Byrd

    Land Manager

  • Fritz L. Spencer, III

    Vice President - Land

  • David Jaben

    Midstream Business Development Manager

  • Ed Viterbo

    Manager - Contract Administration & JV Audit

  • Debra Massey

    Technical Assistant & Offshore Scout

  • Ann Hebert

    Land Administration Supervisor

  • Leah Bramlett-Kneitz

    Senior Land Analyst

  • Lucas Ortiz

    Financial Planning Associate

  • Tanner Hutt

    Finance Associate

  • Finance Associate

  • Maria Haggerty

    Chief Compliance Officer & Vice President - Legal

  • Domenic Salvemini

    Chief Information Officer

  • Jennifer Scott


  • Sheryl Dipad

    Director of Financial Reporting & Technical Accounting

  • Stefania Sztybel

    Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Fran Garcia

    Controller - Fund Operations

  • Heather Corey

    Treasury Manager

  • Susan McDonough

    LP Communications & Compliance Associate

  • Samantha Lachenauer

    Legal Assistant

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Learn more about Ridgewood Energy’s strategy, which is focused on investing in among the lowest-cost barrels in North America.

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