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Ridgewood Energy is focused on implementing best practices related to environmental, social, and governance issues that help drive efficiencies and excellence. Our focus on ESG policies and initiatives throughout the investment cycle assures a culture of safety and compliance.


Ridgewood Energy starts from an advantaged position in that oil and gas production in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico has among the lowest-carbon footprint in North America. Further, within the Gulf of Mexico industry, Ridgewood Energy’s projects have among the lowest carbon footprint.

Key Factors Include:


The U.S. Gulf of Mexico hosts a vast and vital industry with among the lowest cost barrels in North America, giving rise to hundreds of thousands of jobs, as well as billions of dollars of tax and royalty revenue to support Federal Government programs.

The safety and well-being of people and the environment are top priorities for Ridgewood Energy and our partners.

Ridgewood Energy’s Focus Includes:

  • Safety procedures
  • Training and development
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Community engagement


Ridgewood Energy is a Signatory of United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. We provide annual reporting on our ESG policy and initiatives. We adhere to industry standards used across the Gulf of Mexico market to ensure transparent operations with corporate policies and compliance as well as risk management and data security.

Learn more about Ridgewood Energy’s strategy, which is focused on investing in among the lowest-cost barrels in North America.