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Ridgewood Energy invests with a focus on harvesting low-cost, low-carbon emissions oil and gas from high-potential reservoirs in the U.S. Deepwater Gulf of Mexico—one of the world’s most prolific oil basins.

Our Funds are invested in a diverse portfolio of producing fields and projects under development, as well as an inventory of exploration prospects. Investments in the U.S. Deepwater Gulf of Mexico benefit from the vast network of existing pipeline and production infrastructure that was developed by other energy companies that have been developing and producing oil in the Gulf of Mexico for decades. Using this existing infrastructure reduces the cost, time, and footprint associated with bringing our energy resources to market.

We partner with independent Gulf of Mexico operators and are actively seeking new investments in projects at every stage of exploration, development, and production.

Three interlocking gears


Our team of geoscientists and engineers rigorously apply advanced technologies. Seismic imaging, processing, and petrophysical modeling contributes to our robust understanding of subsurface geology. In the field, our operating partners employ enhanced drilling, completion, and production capabilities to target reserves and optimize recoveries.


Oil and gas industry professionals from leading energy companies infuse Ridgewood Energy’s team with decades of experience across all disciplines relating to investing in oil and gas exploration, development, and production.


A highly disciplined evaluation process drives the selection of projects that meet our high standards for investment.

Learn more about Ridgewood Energy’s strategy, which is focused on investing in among the lowest-cost barrels in North America.