Ed Viterbo

Ed Viterbo

Manager - Contract Administration & JV Audit

Ed Viterbo joined Ridgewood Energy’s Houston office in January 2006. Mr. Viterbo has over 33 years of experience in the domestic U.S. oil and gas exploration and production business. He is responsible for administering Ridgewood’s JV audit program, contractual compliance, and handling special projects. He also a steering committee member of HWCG representing Ridgewood’s interest in the oil spill response consortium.

Prior to joining Ridgewood Energy, Mr. Viterbo was employed in various supervisory capacities by several independent oil & gas exploration and production companies including Texas Oil & Gas Corporation, Sonat Exploration Company, Apache Corporation, and El Paso Production Company. His oil & gas accounting experience includes revenue / production accounting, asset acquisition & divestiture, joint-venture audit / contract compliance, and operational accounting support.

Mr. Viterbo is a 1986 graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting.

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