Robert Swanson

Robert E. Swanson

Chairman Emeritus

Robert E. Swanson is Chairman Emeritus of Ridgewood Energy. He founded the firm in 1982 with an innovative approach of capitalizing U.S. oil and gas exploration through private equity fund capital.

Prior to forming Ridgewood Energy, Mr. Swanson was a tax partner at the former New York and Los Angeles law firm of Fulop & Hardee, and an officer in the Trust and Investment Division of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. His specialty was in personal tax and financial planning including income, estate, and gift tax. Mr. Swanson earned his A.B. degree from Amherst College and received his J.D. from Fordham University Law School. With his wife, Barbara, Bob wrote Tax Shelters: A Guide for Investors and their Advisors, which was published by Dow Jones.

Learn more about Ridgewood Energy’s strategy, which is focused on investing in among the lowest-cost barrels in North America.